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Hydroponic Grow Systems

Indoor Gardening Supplies

  • Professional Hydroponic Growing Systems
  • HID, Fluorescent & LED Indoor Grow Lights
  • Hydroponic & Organic Plant Nutrients
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Utilizing our exclusive ebb n' flow bucket system!

Indoor Gardening Lighting

Grow Lights

Looking for a top quality grow light system? We have a huge selection of grow lights for every type of indoor gardener, from hobby to professsional growers. Many of our complete light systems come with ballast, reflector hood and specialty grow bulbs that give your indoor gardens the light they need for abundant growth. Our available grow lights including HPS/Sodium, MH/Halide, digital ballasts, fluorescent T5 grow lights, and LED grow lights.

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Indoor Growing Hydroponic System

Grow Systems

We offer a premium line of hydroponic grow systems that were designed to perform and produce! They are flood and drain systems features the use of breathable fabric pots, which have many benefits and advantages over similar systems that use plastic grow pots. Sizes range from small tent setups to large scale commercial grows. You can expect high end results, whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro. Many of our customers are experiencing mind blowing results!

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Grow Tents

Grow Tents

We proudly carry top quality indoor grow tents, with non-gassing construction. Indoor grow tents allow you to create a perfectly controlled garden area, a micro-environment grow room that allows precision controlled temperature and humidity levels, as well as the “photoperiod” lighting. These grow tents can be made virtually air tight to allow use of CO2 supplementation, and to keep out unwanted pests. Grow tents are made with light proof construction.

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made in usaOxygen Pot Systems is your one-stop shop for the finest indoor grow products and hydroponic grow systems. We carry everything you will need to create a high performance indoor grow room that will maximize your yields and deliver the highest return on your investment. We specialize in manufacturing premium indoor hydroponic grow systems for gardens of all scale and sizes.

Our manufacturing facility is based out of Southern California, which is the global hub for hydroponic innovation and advancements over the past several decades. Our veteran growers and engineers have over 20 years experience testing and perfecting the best hydroponic systems and most successful growing methods. Our cutting edge, innovative grow systems are designed to provide optimium system performance and reliability.

We promise mind blowing results! We offer custom grow room design for both small hobby gardens as well as large scale commercial seteps. Give us a call, we would love to help you design your next grow room!

Vortex Grow Room Inline Ventilation Fans

Grow Room Fans

We offer the best indoor grow room fans and ventilation at low prices. Our top quality line of ventilation fans are ideal for every type of indoor gardener, from hobby to professional growers. Your plants use both light and CO2 to photosynthesize so proper ventilation and air circulation is critical especially because of the heat build up from the powerful lamps. We carry Vortex, CAN fan, and other top of the line brands.

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Hydro Logic Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filter systems produce pure water by forcing untreated or tap water through a semipermeable membrane. We offer a wide selection of reverse osmosis systems from manufacturers of the highest quality water purification equipment. These systems are particularly suited to hydroponics applications since they remove many contaminants and unwanted salts that can be harmful to plants.

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Grow Room Environmental co2 Controller Systems

Controllers & co2

Environmental controllers are a an efficient way to control your grow room environment. We carry the best and highest rated environmental and CO2 controllers in the industry. Increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in your indoor grow room has tremendous potential for creating faster, more productive plants. These are a great way to accurately and efficiently control your grow room environment.

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Fluorescent T5 Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is great for vegetative plant growth. T5’s are the most popular fluorescent lights used by indoor growers. The T5 fluorescent tubes are powerful, quiet and energy efficient when compared to HID lighting. As for temperature, they run much cooler and create less heat in your grow room. Most complete T5 grow light systems come complete with bulbs. They are available in both 2 ft and 4 ft models.

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Hydroponic Plant Nutrients

Plant Nutrients

Hydroponic growing requires a complete plant nutrient solution. To give growers better control of the nutrient formula, most hydroponic plant nutrients are broken down and packaged in pre-mixed bottles. We carry the most proven, scientifically formulated plant nutrients on the planet.  Whether you prefer powder or liquid nutrients, we have what you need for success!

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Growing Medium Indoor Gardening

Growing Medium

What is the best growing medium? Some of the many determining factors involved when choosing a growing medium include the type of system you are using, the specific crop/strain you are growing and the local environment. There may be several mediums that will work equally well for your particular needs. Many times it boils down to personal preference or availability.

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Cloning Systems Hydro

Cloning Systems

Cloning systems are an excellent way to quickly and easily propagate your favorite plants. Plant cuttings will normally start showing roots within a week. We offer the best and highest performing hydroponic cloning systems, from domed systems to aeroponic systems. Combined with top of the line clone gels, clone solution and grow plugs, these systems speed up and optimize the cloning process.

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Nutrient Testers and Meters

Meters & Solutions

TDS and pH meters are critical tools that are needed when growing plants by hydroponics. Hydroponic gardeners use testing meters to measure total dissolved solids in the nutrient solution. Our hydroponic testing meters include a full line of pH meters, EC/TDS meters, testers, and controllers needed for growing hydroponically. Calibration solution sold separately.

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