Hydroponic System Operation

Super Flow System

The Super-Flow System is an ebb & flow hydroponic system that uses gravity to move water through the system. The brains of this system, The Gro-Commander Controller Module, is a controller unit which consists of a 13 gallon container, with a timer and relay box mounted on the side, and float switches mounted inside of it to control the level of water in the system automatically. Each timer pin on the controller has a duration of 15 minutes. When a pin is pushed outward on the timer it will water the system for 15 minutes. The timer can be set the timer to water as many times per day as needed. Some grow mediums such as clay pebbles drain quickly and then dry out fast, requiring the roots to be fed with nutrients more often. Others like soil tend to retain much more water, demanding much less feeding. The Gro-Commander timer is versitile, giving you the option of a manual ON/OFF switch. This is an advantage for soil growers that prefer to feed their plants less than once per day. Whichever medium you choose, your plants will thrive in health and will be sure to reward you with rich, bountiful harvests.

So, How does it work?

Well its actually very simple. First, the green plastic buckets are set up according to your lighting footprint on a level surface. Next you will connect the individual pots and reservoir together using various irrigation fittings and tubing (included). From there, place the fabric grow pots inside the green buckets, on top of the custom support system. Afterward, connect the “fill” pump from the reservoir to the Gro-Commander controller unit, and set your feeding schedule on the timer module. When the timer on the Gro-Commander reaches the feeding time you have selected, the FILL cycle is started and the FILL pump engages inside the reservoir. The pump transfers the liquid nutrient solution into the Gro-Commander and begins to fill. As the liquid nutrient level rises inside the Gro-Commander, gravity forces the nutrients outward through the lower feeding tubes, and out to the other grow sites. Our 530GPH high output submersible pump pushes the nutrients out to the grow sites quickly and efficiently. The nutrient level rises to the optimum level, engaging the float switches inside the Gro-Commander. When the float switches egage, power is cut to the FILL pump inside the reservoir. Your root system is fed 100% and drained quickly, creating the perfect enviorment for vigorous root health. When the drain cycle is engaged, nutrients are forced back downward by gravity, pulling fresh oxygen with it and replenishing the root zone.

The XL 5 gallon green buckets used in the Super-Flow system allow your plants to grow strong and tall while giving them the spacious container needed to produce a large root structure. The fabric growing pots sit inside of green plastic buckets, which serve as the watering cells. The fabric pots have handles, and can be pulled out and re arranged according to plant growth. You are not stuck having to re-layout the system and cut new tubing or relocate a bunch of drippers, all you do is pull the plant out by the handles and move it to a new location. Moving your smaller plants directly under the lights and moving your larger plants out to the perimeter to promote uniform growth throughout the grow room. The system can be easily expanded with 6 bucket add-on kits. The Super-Flow can be expanded up to 18 grow sites with the included 55 gallon reservoir and can further be expanded to 18+ plants with a larger nutrient reservoir. Its easily the simplest, least complicated hydroponic system you can use. The automative feature allows you to leave town and not worry about about your garden. Its all automatic! Your plants will get fed right on time, every time. Mindblowing Results guaranteed! Whether you are a beginning hobbyist or a seasoned commercial grower, the Super-Flow system will boost your plants health and yield to levels previously unimaginable in a simple, easy to use, automated system!


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