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Grow Light BannerOxygen Pot Systems' offers the best and most efficient grow lights at the lowest prices. Looking for a top quality grow light system? We have a huge selection of grow lights for every type of indoor gardener, from beginner to hobby to professional growers. Many of our complete grow light systems come with grow light ballast, reflector hood and specialty grow bulbs to give your indoor gardens the required light intensity they need for tremendous growth. We have all types of grow lights available including HPS/Sodium, MH/Halide, digital ballasts, fluorescent T5 grow lights, and the latest LED grow lights. We can customize a grow light system to fit your needs. Please call ahead for a discount if you are planning to purchase a complete lighting or grow system package. 

fadebetween1.jpgGrow Ligh Reflectors


 When it comes to full selection and value to indoor gardeners, Oxygen Pot Systems is the source to find high quality, affordable grow reflectors. From the deluxe air cooled OG Vertical Growlite Reflector to the ever popular Magnum XXXL reflector, growers have access to a full line of quality reflectors in the style, size and model of their preferred choice. Some air cooled reflectors come in different size options for air cooling. The Raptor reflector comes both in six- and eight-inch models. Other popular reflectors that provide a great value for the price are the Blazer and the Xtrasun models. If you have any questions or want our opinion on what reflector is best suited for your grow area, feel free to give us a call. We would be glad to assist you. 


Digital Grow Ballasts


   Ballasts are required to power the high intensity (HID) grow lights used in gardening. Ballasts include a 120V power cord that plugs into any home wall socket. You also need a reflector to mount the grow light bulb in. The plug for the ballast-to-reflector connection must be compatible as there are two types. View the ballast-reflector compatibility chart. The wattage rating of the ballast (1000W, 600W, etc) must match the wattage rating of the grow light, unless you have a universal digital ballast that runs on all wattages. Digital ballasts tent to run much cooler and more efficiently then magnetic ballasts and are recommended if they are in your budget. Although magnetic ballasts work ok and do the job, they will soon become obsolete for indoor gardening. 




HID Bulbs




   HID lighting systems have revolutionized indoor gardening. They are fairly expensive, and hot, but they supply the proper spectrum needed for flowering and fruiting crops; actually, they are quite close to what the sun provides. There are 2 types of HID bulbs available: MH (metal halide) and HPS (high pressure sodium). The metal halide is a good all-around light, and perfectly adequate for most vegetables. The high pressure sodium bulb is preferable for the flowering/fruiting stage of your vegetables and herbs.



T5 HO Flourescent Grow Lighting



   Looking for a top quality T5 grow light system? We offer the best T5 grow lights at the lowest prices. We have a huge selection of fluorescent grow lights for every skill level of indoor grower, from beginner to professional. Most complete T5 grow light  systems come complete with your choice of grow, bloom or other specialty T5 grow bulbs. We have all sizes and lengths of T5 grow lights available including the 2 foot and 4 foot versions. The other main variable the T5 lights have besides fixture length is the amount of bulbs the fixture can hold. T5 grow lights come in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 bulb options. T5 grow lights are powerful, quiet and save energy compared to other fluorescent grow lights. They can be used for any stage of plant growth, from seed starting lights and cloning lights, to vegetative growth lights and even special “finishing UV” type of T5 light. We offer every spectrum distribution of T5 grow light bulbs available, including grow stage (6500K), bloom (3000K), and balanced (5400K). 


LED Grow Lights




   We are proud to offer the best  LED Grow Lights at the lowest prices. Looking for the newest and most innovative LED Grow Lights? Oxygen Pot Systems has the most advanced LED designs with optimized PAR light spectrums to provide your garden with the exact amount of LED grow lights that they require for ftremendous growth. LED grow lights generate much less heat and providing dramatic energy savings over traditional grow lights. Oxygen Pot Systems' LED grow lights come in many wattages, sizes and spectrum designs for use in all indoor gardens, from beginner to advanced, from cloning to flowering.