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General Hydroponics was started in California in the 1970s, as a collective effort of scientists and engineers. The goal of the company was to make a significant advancement in the field of plant nutrition. Today, General Hydroponics’ products are among the best-selling in the industry.

The Flora series is General Hydroponics’ flagship line of nutrient solutions. It was designed by Dr. Cal Herrmann, formerly a chemist at Berkeley and NASA. There are three distinct formulas in the Flora series: FloraGro, FloraBloom and FloraMicro. FloraGro is meant to be used to nourish plants up to the flowering and fruit-producing stage of their lives. It provides plants with the nitrogen, potassium and other secondary minerals they need during this period. Once plants begin to display buds, gardeners are instructed to switch over to FloraBloom, which is specially formulated to assist in blooming and ripening. FloraBloom is high in potassium, phosphorous, sulfur and magnesium. Many gardeners choose to use a custom blend of FloraGro and FloraBloom in order to achieve specialized results. FloraMicro is rich in calcium, nitrogen and special pH buffers to increase nutrient availability. FloraMicro is available in both hard and soft water-specific formulas.

General Hydroponics recently launched an easy to use two-part base nutrient formula. FloraDuo represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology, as it gives users both the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid. This unique formulation of highly purified minerals and natural additives combines the benefits of hydroponic as well as organic gardening methods. FloraDuo, a two-part formulation, combines all the trace elements required for successful hydroponics cultivation.


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